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From quick to deep cleans, the Dyson upright vacuum provides a seamless performance every time.

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Powerful, manoeuvrable and adaptable, a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner provides a whole-home clean across wood floors as well as carpeted areas. With advanced Dyson engineering – including Radial Cyclone™ Technology for optimised airflow and Ball™ technology for easy steering, the best upright vacuum can be found right here.
Explore how our upright vacuum can improve your everyday cleans ahead.

Explore upright vacuum features

The Dyson light ball multifloor+ upright vacuum cleaner is designed with self-adjusting technology using advanced materials, to ensure your space is protected whilst it’s cleaned. See what makes ours the best upright vacuum below.

  • Easy manoeuvrability

    Upright vacuum cleaner being steered in a sweeping arc across a black hard floor surface.

    Dyson formulated the pioneering Ball™ technology design when creating our upright vacuum. The swivel structure of this feature means that each vacuum motion can be directed with a turn of your wrist, for supportive cleaning. To reach every corner, the Dyson upright vacuum cleaner steers around furniture and obstacles easily. Transportation is also important for whole-home cleans. The Dyson light ball multifloor+ weighs only 6.33 kilos, for ease of carrying upstairs and throughout each space.

  • Multi-area cleaning

    Vacuum cleaner head picking up debris from four different intersecting floor types.

    Different levels of suction are required for each type of flooring. To ensure dust and dirt is sealed in throughout the home, the cleaner head on the Dyson light ball multifloor+ upright vacuum cleaner is designed with a self-adjusting cleaner head. Some surfaces require gentle materials so the carbon fibre bristles on the Soft dusting brush allows you to clean over delicate spots around the house. Additional accessories in the Dyson upright vacuum include a Stair tool and Combination tool, for efficient, all-over vacuuming.

  • Powerful suction

    Advanced filtration cyclone system

    Visible dust isn’t the only particle that need’s capturing to ensure a complete clean. Allergens, like pet dander found in pet hair and dust mites found across mattresses and carpets can trigger reactions like asthma and degrade the health quality of homes. The Dyson upright vacuum cleaner helps by creating optimised suction using Radial Cyclone™ technology, which captures and traps allergens alongside dust and dirt before securing it in the bin.

Choose your upright vacuum model

Dyson’s upright vacuum cleaner combines multi-floor capability, making it an optimal design for all floor types. From carpet to hard floors and delicate surfaces, the Dyson light ball multifloor+ is the best upright vacuum for every home and indoor space.
Explore the Dyson light ball multifloor+.

Choose your model

    Dyson Radial Cyclone™ technology for powerful suction.

    Ball™ technology for easy steering.

    Hygienic bin emptying.

    Carbon fibre soft dusting brush for delicate surfaces.

  • Combination tool

    Two tools in one - brush and wide nozzle. For simple switching between tasks.

  • Stair tool

    Removes dust, dirt and allergens from tight corners and into difficult places.

  • Carbon fibre soft dusting brush

    Ideal for cleaning blinds and dusting around the home.

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Frequently asked questions

The Dyson upright vacuum cleaner includes powerful Radial Cyclone™ technology, for continuous suction for your entire clean.

Whole home cleans require technology that can function powerfully across different floor types. The Dyson light ball multifloor+ upright vacuum cleaner has a self-adjusting cleaner head, to optimise suction across hard floors and carpets. For support on choosing the right vacuum for your needs, explore our Dyson Vacuum Customisation tool.