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Deep clean all around your home.
Dyson vacuum cleaner technology designed and tested for powerful suction on all floor types.

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  • A woman cleaning hard floor and carpet with a Dyson V11™ vacuum

    Dyson cordless stick vacuums

    The latest Dyson technology. Powerful, versatile deep cleaning for all around your home.


  • Dyson barrel vacuum cleaner

    Dyson corded vacuums

    Powerful corded barrel and upright vacuums with Dyson Ball™ technology, to easily navigate around furniture and obstacles.

  • Dyson Omni-glide

    Dyson hard floor vacuums

    A brand new way to clean hard floors. Dyson's slimmest, most maneuverable vacuum cleaner.1

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  • Latest technology for deep cleans

    Precisely-angled LED illumination with Dyson’s latest cordless vacuum cleaner in Australia. New Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head illuminates the microscopic dust and dirt you can't normally see on hard floors.

  • Vacuums for pet owners

    Dyson pet vacuums for pet owners combine powerful Dyson suction with specialised tools to remove pet hair and pet allergens.

  • Multi-directional, hard-floor cleans

    Our slimmest, most maneuverable vacuum. Engineered to glide effortlessly on hard floors, around obstacles, and into tight spaces.

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From whole-home cleans to tackling pet hair, there's a Dyson vacuum for your needs. Our quick tool helps you choose the right one for you.

Dyson V15 Detect Complete with cutaway showing internal technology

Frequently asked questions

All Dyson Australia vacuum cleaners are engineered for effective cleans. Our cord-free Dyson vacuum cleaner range is versatile and powerful enough for everyday use, with in-built technology for heavy duty performance. Our corded barrel Dyson vacuums and upright Dyson vacuum cleaners deliver power and manoeuvrability, to make cleaning every area of your home even easier. Shop cord-free vacuum range or shop upright vacuums

Since our first bagless vacuum cleaner, Dyson's technology has continued to advance. Dyson vacuum cleaners are lightweight, compact and specially designed to suit the particular cleaning needs of various homes or commercial spaces. Every Dyson vacuum has been expertly tested to ensure their durability. Dyson vacuums also feature superior suction power, HEPA filters and innovative dust ejectors for a dust-free cleaning experience. Local customer care support are on hand to assist with any troubleshooting. Explore Dyson bagless vacuums

The Dyson Omni-glide™ hThe Dyson Omni-glide™ hard floor vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning hard wood floors. The Omni-glide vacuum glides effortlessly in all directions, manouevers around obstacles, and features a narrow cleaning head for hard to reach spaces. Motorised brush bars make the Dyson Omni-glide the perfect hard floor vacuum cleaner, picking up the smallest of dust to large debris using motorised brush bars. The Dyson Gen5detect™ is also designed for hard flooring with its fluffy optic cleaner head which reveals twice the amount of invisible dust. Shop Dyson OmniglideShop Dyson Gen5detect

Dyson anti-tangle technology is available across the whole Dyson cord free range with the Motorbar™ cleaner head and Hair Screw Tool. The added illumination technology makes the Dyson Gen5detect™, Dyson V12 Detect Slim™ and Dyson V15 Detect™ the ideal solutions for removing pet hair, mess and allergens from your home, revealing microscopic dirt that you can’t normally see. The highly-efficient filtration system in these Dyson vacuum cleaners traps microscopic particles, ensuring the deepest clean every time and improved home air quality. For extra tough cleaning, the range of Dyson vacuum cleaner accessories for pet owners are the key to your cleaning needs. Choose from attachments like the Hair screw cleaning tool, Stubborn dirt brush for pet mess, and the Pet Grooming kit for pet hair and allergens. Discover Dyson vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal. Shop Dyson Gen5detect, shop Dyson V12 Detect Slim or Shop Dyson V15 Detect

The latest Dyson vacuum technology reveals microscopic dust and automatically adjusts suction power to use the correct amount of power throughout your home for longer cleans. Dyson vacuum cleaners include scientifically advanced key features such as advanced whole-machine HEPA filtration, powerful suction, illumination, anti-tangle technology, run-time countdown, maintenance alerts and more to ensure a perfect clean for any space or home. Washable parts are engineered to be reused, not replaced.

For speedy spot cleans or versatile home cleaning, all of our Dyson vacuum cleaners transform from stick to handheld or back again in just one click. Our lightweight Dyson V12 Detect Slim™ and Dyson V8™ are perfect for car cleaning needs.
Shop the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, or shop the Dyson V8.

A Dyson vacuum cleaner can power whole-home cleans – with our latest generation vacuum Dyson Gen5detect™ providing up to 70 minutes of uninterrupted suction in eco mode. Between uses, charge and store your Dyson vacuum cleaner in a compatible Dok. Intelligent charging capability and accessories storage is included in the sleek free-standing design of the Dyson Floor Dok™. For versatile storage and seamless access whenever you need to clean, explore the range of Dyson Doks. Discover Dyson Doks

All of our latest cord-free vacuums have been designed with adaptable cleaner heads, to seamlessly vacuum across different floor types. For easy storage and intelligent charging, store your compatible vacuum in a Dyson Dok. The Dyson light ball multifloor+ upright vacuum cleaner has a self-adjusting cleaner head built into its design. Without the need for you to change settings, our upright vacuum can optimise suction across hard floors and carpets.
Discover Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor + , shop upright vacuums or shop cord-free vacuums

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1 Compared to Dyson V8™ vacuums, tested by independent third party laboratories.